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3D Printing & Resin Parts

Really getting the urge to get back to 3D sculpting at the moment. What seems like a very long time ago now I looked into doing 3D sculpted parts and setting up an online shop selling those parts once cast in resin, this idea was a relatively new concept at the time, I think there… Read More »3D Printing & Resin Parts

Hobby Focus – Amy Snuggs

Amy Snuggs Hobby Focus is The Painted Dragon’s regular slot that will throw some light on people and companies from within the wargaming and miniature painting hobby world. In this week’s Hobby Focus, we take a look at a great painter and hobbyist Amy Snuggs and ask her a few questions about herself and the hobby… Read More »Hobby Focus – Amy Snuggs

Battleworn Ultramarine Rhino

One from the Vaults Another old picture from the days of the dragon forum, this time it’s the winner from one of the monthly painting competitions that we used to run. The theme of this particular competition was ‘Battleworn’, entrants had to submit a vehicle with battle damage and/or weathering. As I recall this competition… Read More »Battleworn Ultramarine Rhino

Chaos Dragon – Painted by Bulldog

Oldhammer Chaos Dragon Another one of the pictures I found (there’s a large collection) from the old Dragon forum, originally painted by member Bulldog (Shaun Allen). There was a massive trend for highlighting up red with orange. …damn I miss those halcyon days, some might even say, the golden age of miniatures!?

Commissar Yarrick

The mighty Commissar Yarrick from the old Dragon forum, originally painted by member Bulldog (Shaun Allen). This is such an iconic 40K character, painted in full on 90’s splendour with bright orange highlights on the reds and a proper flocked and Goblin Green trimmed base 😜 #PaintingWarhammer #AstraMilitarum #ImperialGuard #Oldhammer40K #Warhammer40K #RogueTrader

On the Table – Black Legion Chosen

Greetings fellow geeks and gamers, I’ve had these guys sat around for a while and decided they needed some hobby love. As you can see, I’m also adding base extenders to bring them up to 32mm. Looking forward to getting some paint on some of these guys, the poses and sculpts are top notch. …more… Read More »On the Table – Black Legion Chosen

Warhammer Heroes – Warhammer Community

Greetings fellow geeks and gamers, Something a bit different from GW this week. It seems GW is further reaching out to their community with a little love in the form of a ‘nominate your heroes’ campaign. Interesting idea, who will you nominate? The chosen Warhammer Heroes will each receive this special medal for their efforts,… Read More »Warhammer Heroes – Warhammer Community