Join the Combat Patrol

The Warhammer Community posted an article not so long ago about the new Combat Patrol game format, which you can read here and it really has sparked my interest in 9th edition which up until now has been very limited.

What is Combat Patrol?

So, what is Combat Patrol, well to briefly summarise, Combat Patrol is the smallest game size on the new organisational chart found in 9th edition and boasts a fast, fun and easy way to play Warhammer 40,000 which to be completely honest, is everything I want from my gaming these days as I am far too long in the tooth to be lugging around 5000pts of models along with their many tomes of rules to slog it out over an entire day and night of battling.

What I want these days are short games with an emphasis on the fun that I can quickly get into and play with my kids, the games should also encourage all parties to want to go paint more models, try out new army selections and not get bogged down in bringing a 2000pt competitive meta-list that will ensure total domination and if 8th edition showed me anything it’s that it was full of that kind of play.

Also, as mentioned above, I will be playing with my kids who are new to the hobby, eager to learn and play so going at it full throttle will only have a negative impact on them, it might even put them off and that is not what the hobby is about.

Games of Combat Patrol will only take around an hour to play or so Games Workshop tells us, which means I can fit a game in on an evening before the kids go to bed and on weekends we could even run a small narrative campaign, it really does fit the analogy for less is more.

Do you like smaller games of Warhammer 40,000? Would you like a game that you can finish in your lunch break? Looking for a quick way to try out a new army? Combat Patrol is a fun and easy way to achieve all of these and today, we’re taking a look at this exciting new way to fight battles in the 41st Millennium.

From the Warhammer Community post

Accept Your Mission

I am glad that there will be published missions to one shot, these will save time and enable the kids and me to get gaming straight away. I really hope GW bring out more Combat Patrol focused missions going forward.

Combat Patrol Mission Example – Incisive Attack

Building Your Army

An army for Combat Patrol is based on a single Patrol Detachment (seen below), which gives a nice amount of flexibility and choice and means that gaming can start with very few models to paint up and then as my kids and I progress we can add and grow our armies together, play and paint hand in hand which is rarely a thing I find as all too often we set a game size, usually 2000+ points, plan the army for domination and try to get the models painted which in reality is hardly ever something that is achievable in time or if you do manage to paint a game legal army, the painting is more of a mechanical process than an enjoyable one I find.

I look forward to playing 9th and I will be sharing the families games and thoughts as we progress into the new edition and of course, there will be painting progress pictures to post as my kids get into painting their new armies.