Let’s Play Blood Bowl!!!


Well, Blood Bowl fever has well and truly landed in the Geek Room and in my usual fashion, I am on with not just one team but, well, all of them, or so it seems.

I am not going to write a lengthy review about the game or the box-set but I will say that it is very good, the fact that you can click all the models together and get playing practically straight away is simply brilliant especially since the models have not had their details compromised, this is another example of great 3D sculpting.

One of the obvious cosmetic changes to the game is the increase in base size to 32mm, while not a big problem as the game uses squares it does mean that older Blood Bowl teams now look out of place. I have remedied the base size problem by purchasing a load of MDF base extenders from eBay and the seller was very good with a great follow up email and fast delivery.

I bought 250 of them for £8 which included Free Delivery.

eBay Seller (banksjohnedward)

The base extenders fit nice and snug to the 25mm bases, I have filled in the very small gap with Green Stuff but it was probably unnecessary, to be honest, and would probably have been fine.

A giant bag of base extenders. The odd one or two you can see that are rough have been thrown in for free, the eBay seller sent a message to let me know he had put them in as extra and they just needed a sand.

I used PVA to glue the base extenders on, which worked a treat.

I have so far played a good handful of games in a new league with friends and am loving it, really brings back good memories from playing the 2nd edition Blood Bowl way back in the early 90’s and playing in a league really brings your teams to life.

My teams so far are:

  • Human (from the game set)
  • Orc (from the game set)
  • Skaven (new)
  • Chaos Chosen (old edition metal models) – The Blood Bay Packers

I have yet to decide on the team colours for all but the Chaos Chosen who are painted red …obviously 😉

I will post some team pictures as I finish them, in the meantime keep an eye on Instagram for the WIP’s @thepainteddragonpics