Oldhammer Challenge

The Oldhammer Challenge is a weekly painting incentive with a focus on classic and out of production miniatures.

How does the Oldhammer Challenge work?
The challenge is set over a rolling weekly period and works as follows…

  • Sunday – Announce the miniature you are entering into the challenge (remember to use the hashtag #OldhammerChallenge).
  • Week Days – Fully paint and finish your entry during the week (remember to post work in progress shots).
  • Saturday – Post your challenge entry.

When everyone’s entries are posted I will showcase them all in a blog post.

Any questions that crop up will be posted here.

  • Does it have to be an Oldhammer miniature? – not at all, so long as the miniature is an out of production miniature then all is good.
  • Where do we post? – Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #OldhammerChallenge
  • What is fully painted and finished? – To achieve a finished level then the miniature must be painted and based. Goblin Green bases are not required but you will gain Oldhammer respect if you do.

Good luck and remember to spread the word!