Oldhammer Challenge – Week 1

Well, the Oldhammer Challenge is up and running.
If you want to join in then find the info HERE

I have decided to paint the classic Rogue Trader LE2 Imperial Space Marine as my first Oldhammer Challenge entry.

I am really looking forward to painting this one, he has been sat in my collection since the beginning of my hobby life, possibly the first model added to my pile of shame.

Rogue Trader LE2 Imperial Space Marine

Update – 29/03/2020

Greetings Oldhammer fans 👋🏻

What an awful week it’s been, truly horrible. I hope everyone is keeping safe and is well.

My #OldhammerChallenge hasn’t progressed as much as I’d liked as I’m a key worker and am the busiest I’ve ever been in my life …but, that being said, I will finish this week’s challenge, but it might be a bit late 😋

Update – I managed to get the model primed, which is something I suppose.

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