White Dwarf

As many may know, I have been in the wargaming hobby since the turn of the 90’s so have collected or at least read White Dwarf for many, many years. I loved the White Dwarf of the 90s, it offered great content, full-colour images of painted models and lots of additional rules, scenarios and add-ons to… Read More »White Dwarf

Roboute Guilliman

Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines is coming to the Grim Dark and the regular wash of images have been leaked all over the many forums and social media outlets, but hot on the heels, to vanquish the pesky internet leaks is the Warhammer Community who have released their own ‘sneak peek’ of the big… Read More »Roboute Guilliman

Let’s Play Blood Bowl!!!

  Well, Blood Bowl fever has well and truly landed in the Geek Room and in my usual fashion, I am on with not just one team but, well, all of them, or so it seems. I am not going to write a lengthy review about the game or the box-set but I will say… Read More »Let’s Play Blood Bowl!!!

Combatzone Scenery Drop Another Awesome Kickstarter

Chibi Arenas: For Krosmaster and Super Dungeon Explore “We need your help to create 3D Arenas and scenery compatible with Chibi games like Krosmaster, Arcadia Quest and Super Dungeon Explore.” Our friends over at Combatzone Scenery have smashed it again, and this time with a Chibi style dungeon tiles. I will be backing this one for… Read More »Combatzone Scenery Drop Another Awesome Kickstarter

The Dragon’s Hoard Increases

I admit that I am a hobby collector on a scale that would put Smaug to shame but they do say that acknowledging a problem is half way to curing a problem …pah, I am comfy sat atop my hobby hoard so what do they know. My recent purchase from evilbay was a classic collection of models but I… Read More »The Dragon’s Hoard Increases

Hobby Blog

On the Painting Table – Ultramarines Chaplain

This guy got some real-life battle damage from a recent big game I played in so a little touch up was needed and of course a picture for the blog. #Ultramarines #SpaceMarines #AdeptusAstartes #Warhammer40K #GamesWorkshop