Power Mutant – Work In Progress

Tonight I’ve been laying pipe…

Some more work on the Power Mutant tonight – I’ve added the secondary right arm, the back-mounted power cores and started laying in some pipes and tubes.

I’m really fighting the urge to over detail at this stage as I’m not done with blocking out but sometimes you just got to go with the flow.

The piece is starting to come together, I’m already thinking of how I’m going to paint him…

Power Mutant – WIP 4

Thoughts and tips…

Working from a piece of concept art and using reference images is a great way to sculpt, it really helps to keep the piece flowing.

The concept art for this piece is from the popular tabletop boardgame Dust 47.

I also use PureRef to make a pinboard of all my reference images. If you aren’t using PureRef then check it out, it’s a little odd to use at first but once you pick up the clicks, it will become invaluable in your workflow.