Power Mutant – Work In Progress

More work on the Power Mutant…


Still really enjoying this sculpt and I’m nearing the end now, just the main torso to finish detailing and the brain to think about as the original concept art has a transparent capsule that the brain site is but that is not easily possible as a printed miniature, so I need to think of a convincing housing for the brain that works.

Once the torso detailing and brain housing is done, it’s time to start thinking about prepping the sculpt for print.

Power Mutant – Work In Progress 5

Thoughts and tips…

You’ve probably guessed by now but I am a massive ZBrush fan, the application just gets better and better with each update and the power and versatility are simply amazing.

If you are thinking of having a go with ZBrush but aren’t sure, I really do encourage you to go for it.

The ZBrush software has 3 levels, starting with a free application that covers the very basics of sculpting, then there’s an intermediate version, and finally the full version.

Find more details about ZBrush options and prices here…

In the latest few versions of the software there are some really great additions for sculpting, the two standouts for me are Mesh from Mask and Preview AO

Read more about the latest ZBrush updates here…

Original Character Concept – Dust 1947