Saturday Selection

I thought I would do a weekly spotlight post called Saturday Selection where I post something noteworthy that I have seen over the past week from the accounts I follow on Instagram.

So, without waffling on too much, let’s get to it…

Ork Mek Gunz by @dakkawaaagh13

An Instagram account that I enjoy following very much is @dakkawaaagh13 or the High Chancellor Jim as he is known.

A great Instagram account to follow if you like all things green and Orky or are looking for a retro miniature fix as Jim has been around the hobby for as long as I have and appreciates the finer qualities of a classic miniature.

As mentioned, Jim paints a LOT of Orks and has a great painting style, using a lot of inks and Contrast Paints mixed in with traditional methods to achieve a look that really stands out and is a genuine pleasure to look at.

I find many Ork schemes are overly gritty and drab these days, lacking the punch to keep you interested but Jim manages to mix the grittiness of rusty Ork Gubbinz and the grimness of the 41st Millenium with a vibrant tone that fits in well with the classic Ork style of the 90s and the end result as you can see below is fantastic.