Saturday Selection

The Painted Dragon’s weekly spotlight article that looks at great work posted to Instagram.

Beasts of Chaos by @jp_miniatures

There aren’t many accounts that I have notifications switched on for but JP Miniatures is definitely one account I don’t mind pinging up on my phone.

A great Instagram account to follow if you like Beasts of chaos.

JP Miniatures has a great style to their painting, and this week saw the finished shots posted of the ongoing Warcry – Beasts of Chaos project.

It has been a pleasure to follow JP’s Beasts of Chaos, they have a limited palette, but the style used really makes them pop, and you can tell that each individual miniature has had a lot of time spent on the details.

A special call out for the bases which are a very simple paint scheme but one that really complements the overall aesthetic of the miniatures and ties the entire warband together with great use of materials to bring them to life and a mossy look – fantastic!