Saturday Selection – Alessio Cisbani @wolfbaneart

The Painted Dragon’s weekly spotlight article that looks at great work posted to Instagram.

A Naughty Ape by @wolfbaneart

In the modern miniature world, 3D sculpting is now commonplace and the internet is awash with beautifully sculpted 3D miniatures.

Progress is great, I love to sculpt in 3D myself, and am planning on purchasing a resin printer but there’s something special about a classically sculpted miniature.

The process of creating miniatures through classic sculpting methods, using tools and putty, must be kept alive and it’s through sculptors like Alessio Cisbani that hopefully, new sculptors can take inspiration.

A great Instagram account to follow if you like sculpting and miniatures full of character

It was the Naughty Ape that caught my eye this week, and what a fantastic miniature, full of character and fun.

The Naughty Ape is just one sculpt that Alessio is creating for @hogsofwar_ for their Simian team the “Naughty Apes” (concepts also by Alessio).

Naughty Ape Concept by Alessio Cisbani

I am not sure whether my love for characterful and classically sculpted miniatures came about because of the era in which I got into the hobby but when I look at miniatures like the ones shown here from Alessio, my brain starts to work out how I would paint each part and begins to visualise colours and schemes, something that doesn’t happen when I look at more modern miniatures.