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The Painted Dragon’s weekly spotlight article that looks at great work posted to Instagram.

Slaves to Darkness by @tabledpodcast

This week’s Saturday Selection comes a little late due to real-world chaos as the kids return to school after what seems like an eternity of lockdown but fear not, I have an absolutely stunning selection to focus on.

The post that I first saw from Tabled Podcast and one that instantly caught my eye was the Suffocating Cog-tide which I found really intriguing with skulls and cogs and earth all churned up into an overall fantastic piece that really sets the tone of the rest of the project.

Slaved to Darkness – Suffocating Cog-tide
by Dan Quirk

As I got deeper into the Instagram posts I realised that there was more going on than just a paint scheme and decided to contact the owner and ask if there is a back-story to the great work and to my pleasure Dan Quirk replied and gave me some fantastic fluff that really brings the already characterful miniatures to life.

A great Instagram account to follow if you like themed armies, Chaos, skulls and cogs

Chamonite – Slaves to Darkness

The idea for the army came from me seeing some amazing cog-tech cities of Sigmar forces around on the internet. I loved the aesthetic but wanted to try and apply it to a city of my own creation that was still under the control of the forces of chaos (the Slaves to Darkness are still the most numerous human civilisation in the mortal realms). I started with a little background lore and came up with the Chamonite city of Perpetua – a colossal forge city that other chaos kingdoms and realms would come to for their exceptional mechanical creations.

The aesthetic came from the Iron Golem models. I loved their all metal, no fabric look and wanted to try and emulate that across the force. That’s why I used the Stormcast models as a base for most of my infantry, as they are not wearing leather boots/gloves. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do away with all cloth and wood in the force so decided that, since precious metals are hardly a rarity in Chamon, it would make more sense for the more elite…
Troops to actually have less metal as it was so common and bring in some cloth and wood. My marauders are at the bottom of the totem pole so are all metals but if they are promoted to cog-sworn (my warriors) they might be wealthy enough to show off a cloth tabard, or wooden weapon haft.

The army really snowballed from there with me finally being able to scratch the Dark Mechanicum itch I’ve had for a few years by making as many mechanical and clockwork constructs for the force using as much of the 40K chaos range as I could …with a healthy dose of cogs!

Army Theme by Dan Quirk

A special call-out goes to Dan’s amazing Mortred Stratos – Priest of the Iron-Seers who rides atop a mighty Mecha-manticore construct.

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