Succubus by 3DArtGuy

This is an awesome sculpt by 3DArtGuy over on MyMiniFactory that’s definitely worth purchasing to print.

A good mix of organic elements and well executed hard surface sculpting on the armour will make this a nice, fun painting project.

3D Printed Miniature by 3DArtGuy 

The Succubus stands separate from all demon kin as the seductress, the manipulator of mortal hearts. But behind the allure, the Succubus is still a demon and will do horrifying things to those who succumb to their charms. And once she sinks her talons within a victim, they are doomed.

The Succubus comes wielding a spear and two head variations.  Patreon supporters get a 30% discount on this item.  The whip pose is exclusive to supporters on Patreon and includes the terrain.  Click here to see the Tier 3 welcome pack.  The number of exclusive items in the welcome pack keeps growing!